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Video Game: Starring You

Video Game: Starring You-Victoria's Adventures by GabrielaWysocka Video Game: Starring You-Victoria's Adventures :icongabrielawysocka:GabrielaWysocka 2 0 Video Game Starring You - Spec Ops The Line by RayBro16 Video Game Starring You - Spec Ops The Line :iconraybro16:RayBro16 5 0 Video Game: Starring you - TLO Caroline BOTW by Rayxim Video Game: Starring you - TLO Caroline BOTW :iconrayxim:Rayxim 16 8 Castle Crasher. by Abbyroseflame24 Castle Crasher. :iconabbyroseflame24:Abbyroseflame24 2 13 Video Game: Starring You - Alex Adventure by xelaalex Video Game: Starring You - Alex Adventure :iconxelaalex:xelaalex 7 3 Video Game: Starring You - Don't Starve with Lara by Mewi-or-Melody-Wind Video Game: Starring You - Don't Starve with Lara :iconmewi-or-melody-wind:Mewi-or-Melody-Wind 6 16 Video Game Starring You: JoRDY Into Dreams by JordantheCat11 Video Game Starring You: JoRDY Into Dreams :iconjordanthecat11:JordantheCat11 5 2 Video Game: Starring You - Steve-Kami by JSGEntertainment Video Game: Starring You - Steve-Kami :iconjsgentertainment:JSGEntertainment 9 9 Video Game: Starring You - EarthGwee Legends by EarthGwee Video Game: Starring You - EarthGwee Legends :iconearthgwee:EarthGwee 140 38
This is the "Video Game: Starring You" gaming community challenge folder. Anyone and everyone is free to contribute a piece, regardless of artistic skill level. Click the folder link to browse completed entries and for info on how you can participate.

Help Needed - Online Community Art Project

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 9:33 PM

EDIT: So, I had a couple good questions brought to me as to whether or not you can insert your fursona or a fan character. And after thinking about it, I really think people should stick closer to their actual selves unless they want to depict themselves in the garb of the main character, as a couple of people have done. So, you don't have to depict yourself %100 and can morph partially into the original main character, I'm hoping to give people more of a challenge.

Also, a problem was pointed out to me by JimPAVLICA about an absence of a cover if the game is an indie title like Undertale. Luckily someone else presented the opening art of the game as a suitable substitute. If anyone else runs into the problem of there being not much in the way of cover art for the game of their choice, try searching for official artwork and show it to me, and I'll see if it works. Indie titles can be a bit iffy as far as cover art is concerned, so we can allow some leniency there. But still include the title itself.


Hey, guys. I know it's been a little while. I've been busily trying to catch up with some final school assignments, and I need some help for one of them. As I'd said in the description of my most recent piece, I would like the larger online gaming public to participate in this community art project I call "Video Game: Starring You." As part of the assignment, I had to write up how the project would be carried out including some general guidelines:

  My project, called “Video Game: Starring You”, will take place solely online, focusing on the gaming community. Doing my own piece as a spark, I’ll ask the larger community through a public post or blog to take a video game cover and draw it with his/herself as the main character. It can be any game of their choosing, whether independent or mainstream such as Nintendo, Sega, Naughty Dog, etc. The individual pieces must fit the standard dimensions of a game case cover.

    Artists are free to use the original composition or take some liberties while keeping it recognizable, but the title art must be included. Title art can be in its original form, but the artist is free to create a parody version, with his/her name as the title, if applicable. Artists are, however, strongly discouraged from blatantly copying and pasting existing images or assets (this includes title art) or tracing unless it is very light sketches to get an idea of where existing characters will be placed, which is what I ended up doing. From there, artists are on their own. It might also be a good idea to omit company logos and other labels that are not title art. Otherwise, artists can try to be faithful stylistically or, again, take their own liberties. Anyone of any skill level is free to participate, with either digital or traditional media.

    This project is meant to give us an idea of who the individuals are through their unique art style, their portrayal of themselves, and their love of games. All the finished pieces will be collected and compiled into one place—a designated favorites folder on my deviantArt page, as that is where I get the most viewership—and displayed on the front of my profile for the public to see.

There's no real set deadline, but I'd like to get as many contributors as possible by May 2nd so I have enough to report back to my instructor. I know it's tight, so I'll keep this open as long as I need to. I would be so grateful and happy to see some reciprocation for this project, but I also understand a lot of you have your own responsibilities to stay on top of. Either way, it would mean so much to me if you guys could help out. As said in the proposal, your skill level doesn't matter for this project. It's open to everyone.

Thank you to anyone wanting to participate. I can't wait to see what you do. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer them.
-Earth Gwee

Signal Boost

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 4, 2017, 8:32 PM

Hey, guys. I know I haven't been very active this past month, but I'm taking the time now to give a signal boost. My good friend :iconneroangelus: is in a bind, has been for quite a while, and needs some help getting out of it. He's wanting to build his own studio where he can work in a healthier environment than the room he's currently in. The total cost is around $20,000. Which, yes, it is a lot, but every little bit helps, even if it's just a dollar. If you can't donate, please at least spread this around if you can. Anything is appreciated.…

-Earth Gwee


For some reason I thought I couldn't display favorite collections, but I figured it out. So, now the "Video Game: Starring You" project is on the front page for people to see. :D
Maybe it's a glitch or something, but some people have been removed from my watch list without my knowledge. Has this happened to anyone else?
I'm likely going to be very busy until the end of my semester, but I actually feel pretty good. And I'll tell you why.

While randomly searching through apps on my phone, I came across an interesting one called Habitica, which is like an RPG for improving productivity in your life. Like any standard RPG, you have HP and an experience bar representing your stats which can go up or down depending on completed or missed tasks that you set for yourself, including good and bad habits, dailies, and to-dos. You can also raise pets from eggs, make them grow into mounts, take on quests with friends, join guilds, and collect gear. So, it's got a nice incentive for you to stay consistent. 

Some of it does require real money, which can get you gems for buying pet eggs and food. A bundle of gems goes for no more than $20. I find it more cost effective to go with a subscription of as little as $5 a month, which gives you a starting cap of 25 gems that you can buy for 20 gold each. That cap goes up with each subsequent month to a maximum of 50. So as long as you stay productive every day, you can build up gold for gems easily. The harder the task, the more rewards you get. And any money you spend is donated to the developers to keep the app going.

Because I have a horrible habit of not taking care of my needs right away, this app has been working great for me the past few days. I intend to keep it going.

And no, I have not been endorsed to plug this app. I'm just excited to tell you guys about it. :D
I think calling it a witch hunt was a bit extreme. It's just a couple of guys with hurt feelings who actively dug to find a reason to hate me without knowing me as a person. While one of them backed off, another took his place and continues to play the victim. 

But I want to thank everyone for your support. I don't want come off as petty for bringing attention to this little situation, but my number one worry is someone ruining my reputation with bull crap that shouldn't matter. I want to be above stooping down to their level, and I think I stooped a little too far down. I get solace from the fact that most people know enough about me and know that I am far from a disgusting person. I am very flawed, but I'm also a good person, and I always strive to be better. Politics be damned. 
Welp, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Someone on Tumblr didn't like my opinions and is starting a witch hunt against me. I'd be lying if I said I didn't care, otherwise I wouldn't be talking about it, but I'm not gonna let some small-time crybaby ruin my day. I've already stood up for myself. I was confident in my position. I'm not gonna make a big fuss over it.



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